Thursday, August 19, 2010

Back to school days

The girls have now completed a full 6 days with Elba now that Mike and I are back to work.  And it just keeps getting easier.

Layla is talking to Elba.  Evie isn't crying for long when I drop her off.  Both girls are happy when I pick them up.  And alive.  Yay!

A funny thing happened over the summer.  Something that I didn't anticipate happening.  Things got easier.  Not all at once, obviously, or I would have noticed it.  But it's apparent now that we are back in the swing of things.  Layla isn't so damn grumpy in the morning and Evie doesn't take as long to get ready.  With Layla waking up in a decent mood, she is much easier to get up to the breakfast table and get dressed, which Mike does.  Evie is no longer nursing and can feed herself breakfast, so I just set them up with their breakfast and get myself ready.  With most of the prep work and packing done the night before, I find that I'm actually able to sleep later AND get out of the house earlier AND not yell at my kids so much.

I guess "they" were right.  It really does get easier.

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  1. Yippie Skippie for Mama Aj and her girls!!!!!