Friday, August 20, 2010

I married an evil genius

We've been dealing with Layla playing around at night and keeping Evie awake, when she is supposed to be going to sleep.  There have been a handful of times where, after countless time outs, she has been told that if she does it again, she'll get a spanking.  She actually has been spanked once or twice when she still refused to listen.

Two nights ago Mike pulled out one of the shitty Scooby movies that has Scrappy in it, that we bought on accident.  She can't tell the difference, she only knew that it was a Scooby movie.  He held it up and told her that if she got out of bed again, he was going to break it.  She. Was. Terrified.  And we didn't have a problem the rest of that night.

Last night, after a similar progression, we got to the same point.  Except she pushed it to the next level.  I was in the bathroom brushing my teeth when I heard a loud crack followed by Layla screaming.  He actually did it, he broke it and Layla was beside herself.

There she sat, sobbing and gasping for breath, talking about how she was going to get more Scooby movies and take them to "school" and how she was just so sad.  On and on she babbled idle and ridiculous threats while now sitting on the toilet.  Fortunately I was in the shower because I simply couldn't stop laughing.  Mike had to put his head inside the shower curtain twice when he couldn't contain his straight face anymore.

Finally she went to bed.  We'll see what happens tonight.  We're going to run out of Scrappy Doo movies pretty quickly if she doesn't learn.

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