Monday, August 23, 2010

Let the germ spreading begin

We've got a puker.  I made it all the way to Elba's house this morning, pulled into the driveway and Layla puked all over herself and the car seat.  Blueberry oatmeal.  And there she sat with the puke string hanging from her mouth while I carried Evie up to the house and informed them that Layla would be home sick.  So began my journey home, with a sick kid, on the 4th day of school.

Thank the tree fairies that getting knocked up with Layla improved my health 95% and made my migraines nearly nonexistent, because as most parents know, you will never again be able to take a sick day for yourself when you have a limited number and children.  Cause they will suck you dry.

Of course she was fine the rest of the day and I had to watch shitty Scrappy Doo Ghoul School 3 times, but  if you puke, you stay home.  Granted I sent the other carrier monkey to infect the other kids, but one of those little bastards gave it to Layla anyway.

Somewhere along the way I became one giant kleenex for my kids.  Layla likes to wipe stuff that she gets on her fingers, on me.  And Evie will go out of her way to cross the room, grab my shirt and wipe her eye boogers and nose on me.  Then walk away.  Seriously, the only reason that she came over to me was to wipe herself on me.

Fortunately I'm not easily grossed out by things.  Last night I had the pleasure of cleaning shit out of the bath tub after Evie took a dump in there (first time EVER for either of my kids) and Mike screamed like a little girl and herded the girls out of there in search of a makeshift decontamination chamber.  Today held the joys of cleaning up blueberry oatmeal out of clothes, a car seat, and the seat of the car below it because there was so much that it soaked through.  And to finish the day I was used as a kleenex twice by Evie.

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