Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Perp alert!

Apparently I'm a potential pedophile.

Just to put this whole situation in it's clearest context, you need to understand that I've worked in the child sexual abuse field as an advocate and educator for kids.  I'm generally hyper aware of words, conversations, and situations we use to teach the girls about their bodies and boundaries.  And we start 'em young.  So I'm no dummy when it comes to the subject.

Tonight I took the girls out for a bike ride and to the park.  I had the dog with, and several kids had come up asking if they could pet her and whatnot.  One girl in particular, about 7 or 8 kept coming up to pet Tullah.  She was great and had a lot of questions.   At one point she sat down on the bench next to me and asked a question.

At which point I said "oh look, you're getting dog hair all over you", took my hand and BRUSHED IT OFF HER KNEE.  Here I am, some random stranger in a park and like a dumb ass, I touched a little kid in a questionable way.

It was very clear that this kid had been taught well because she jumped up immediately and ran back to the play area.  She wasn't freaked, and she wasn't over-reacting, but she removed herself from a situation where a stranger was pushing her boundaries.   Please god let me be effective in teaching my girls this without freaking them the fuck out of everyone.

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