Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Falling from your lofty goals hurts

So much for being the super cool mom with her own life, hobbies, and activities.

It's a busy week for me.  I had grand plans of doing a cooking class from 6-9 last night on how to cook better with fresh and seasonal foods.  Sounds great, right?  What wasn't great was prepping dinner for Mike and the girls the night before, tutoring Valerie until almost about 4:45, running the girls home and pushing them in the house, driving like a maniac to the post office to get the shoes out in the mail that I put on Ebay, and pulling into the parking lot of the class at 5:59.  Like I said, the class was great, and fun and I learned a lot.  But I didn't get out until almost 9:30, rushed home to pack the girl's stuff for today, lay out the clothes for the morning, make my salad for today, shower and attempt to get to bed at a "decent" hour.  A lot of stress for something fun and for me.

Tomorrow I have to go to the foot doctor, fit in a trip to Target for something that I can wear for dodgeball, run to the grocery store for necessities and come home to help prep for Layla's big dental procedure on Friday.  Mike has to take her for pre-op at 6:15 in the morning.  That's early, but it also means that the whole 'not feeding her' thing won't be an issue, like it would be if we had a few hours from wake up to knock out.  I don't like that she's being put under, but I don't wanna talk about that.

Friday I'll have to double up tutoring with Valerie because I won't be able to tomorrow, come home to create magic in the kitchen for dinner and then go try and not make a fool out of myself at dodgeball.

Again, a lot of damn work for "April time".  I think I need to lower my goals and expectations a bit.

On a positive note, apparently Elba is potty training Evie.  She shits on the toilet while there.  The kid can't say more than a handful of words, but she can shit on the toilet.  Great.

Oh, AND I got my period.  Again.  For the second time in a week and third time in a month.  I'm thinking my hormones are fucked for life.  And WHOA are my emotions all over the place.  I guess it explains why I have found myself just sitting and seething.

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