Friday, October 1, 2010

They're insane

My children are insane.  Fucking insane.  And I'm not kidding.

If I have to listen to my children do battle with the witty back and forth of:
Ehhhhhhh! (dismissive hand gesture towards the other bastard child.)
Ahhhhhhh! (repeated dismissive hand gesture towards the other offspring with emPHASsis)

Back and forth, and forth and back.  On and on for endless and painful minutes of 'try not to smile, mom' torture.

They're crazy.  And in their own little way, interacting with the other in a way that only they can understand.  Maybe if Evie wasn't the intelligence equivalent to a retarded billy goat, this interaction could be a bit more complex.  But retarded billy goat she is.

"Layla, what's wrong with you?"
"Mama gave me a spanking".
"I want a toy".
"What did mama say?"
"I don't wanna tell you".

Heh.  I'm telling ya, the kid ain't dumb.

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