Tuesday, September 28, 2010

We need a bigger place

We have a very small living space with one bathroom.  Up until this point, it's actually worked in our favor.  Proximity to the kids at night makes it easier to help with bad dreams and unhappiness before they get themselves too riled up.  We don't have much babyproofing to do, and the space that we do have, is easy for them to manuever and go off on their own and still be within earshot.  Hell, I can even leave them in the bathtub (yeah, babykiller, I know) and put away the clothes that I've folded, or whatever mind-numbing ridiculous chore that I find myself doing during drown your sister time. 

But we need to upgrade.  Or I'm going to Andrea Yates everyone.  I require about 7.87 minutes of focused time for me to do my hair, makeup and brush my teeth in the morning.  That's it.  The rest of the morning can be a mix of helping others and getting their shit packed up.  But I need that 7.87 minutes in the bathroom.  And every morning, while attempting to apply eyeliner or mascara, I'm required to move around so that Mike can brush his teeth, or Layla wash her hands, or Evie dig through my drawers, or the fucking dog tweak because it means that it's almost time for her treats to be shoved in the kong before we leave.  That's the entire family, at times, shoved into an 10 square foot tiny bathroom while I attempt to apply make up.  It's too much.  Too many bodies in one place.  AND I'm not even counting the time that they are all in there while I'm simply peeing, cause that doesn't even bother me.

I want to be able to have sex without knowing that my head is literally 8 inches from Layla's and only seperated by a very thin wall.  I want to send them to their room and have that actually be more than 12 feet from where I am.  I want that god damn dog to get out from under my feet.   And I want another bathroom.  I want to stop stabbing myself in the fucking eye with the mascara wand every time I'm shoved aside to make room for someone to get to the sink.

It's been a tough morning.

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