Saturday, October 30, 2010

Tony Bennett

Today was the big rally for sanity with Jon Stewart and Colbert at the Mall and Washington.  Funny how the only thing in the whole show that chokes me up is the rendition of America by Tony Bennett.  Stupid song gets me every time.  Although seeing Cat Stevens (Yusuf) preform was moving.

All right, I promised that this blog wouldn't be heavy on the political or religious side.  So, I'll move on.

My kids had a great time yesterday at their Halloween party at daycare.  It was nothing like the Halloween Debacle of '08.  Layla loves her costume and wants to wear it all the time.  Evie tolerated the costume, but hated the head thing.  I can't blame her, it was about 4 sizes too big for her little peanut head.

Tomorrow we have a halloween party at a friend's house and possibly some trick or treating at the zoo, if the weather allows.  Their shitty costumes are thin and already falling apart, so I'm not sure what kind of pictures we'll get out of this whole thing, but they had costumes that they loved.

It's been a tough week with parent conferences.  I spent Wednesday driving out to rural fucking Kentucky, otherwise known as Wasilla backwoods, to get materials for a bulletin board that I put together honoring active duty military in the lives of our kids at school.  The act of doing the bulletin board itself, left me wondering if a suicide induced by bulletin board anxiety would leave Mike covered on the life insurance front.

Now, if you've never been to Wasilla, Alaska, let me tell you something about it.  Sarah Palin makes sense.  And if you can understand how Sarah Palin would make sense to anyone, you can see the painful  reality of how messed up Wasilla really is.  And I was at the end of the "state maintained road" in the middle of fucking Palinville in the middle of a sunny afternoon, and still frightened.  Yeah, it was THAT bad.  Alright, enough.  The bulletin board is done and I'm alive, so mission accomplished?  Two 12 hour days included a 3 hour shift with my kids in the building with babysitters, but clearly not understanding the concept.  Evie is going through a "thing" and spent the time on my lap.  Fortunately, it was quiet and it was okay, but still exhausting.

While I was putting Layla down tonight, I asked her what she wanted to dream about.  Now, usually this brings the answer of "dinosaurs" or some equally exciting and imaginative joyride.  Tonight?

"You, mama.  I wanna dream about you".

It must be allowance day tomorrow.

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