Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Snuggle me in bed?

We have a pretty nice bedtime routine with the girls going. Evie gave up her pacifier for all of one day, so she still gets her chupa when she is ready to go back and lay down. Layla usually follows shortly after. After Mike puts her down, I go in to do my nighttime ritual. I “snuggle her in bed” for a bit and we chat. The discussion is usually the same general sets of questions and topics every night, and I hadn’t realized how predictable that had become until the other night.

After I left the room the first time, Layla called me back in and asked if I would snuggle her in bed again. As soon as I laid down, she initiated the following conversation with me:

How was YOUR day?
What was the best thing that happened?
What do you want to dream about tonight?
Oh, that sounds neat, can I meet you in your dream?

All of which is almost word for word the language that I use with her.

Perceptive little shit. And manipulative. She was clearly trying to stretch out our snuggle time for as long as she could.

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