Thursday, November 25, 2010

Ah, a true family Thanksgiving

It's official.  Our tiny little family has reached an age where we can all hate holidays.  Together.

The day actually started well.  The girls slept in, and I was able to get up with them and slowly start prepping for the big meal.  These big meals used to be a nightmare of stress and anxiety for me, but I've gotten better over the years.  Or maybe I simply don't care enough.

I was able to get my 42 minutes on the elliptical machine done early so that I could eat a good meal guilt free.  The fruit of my looms took a long nap and needed to be woken for dinner.  Naturally that meant a whole lot of grumpy.  Evie wouldn't stop screaming, and started dinner laying flat on her back in the living room screaming.  Layla sat staring at her plate for 5 minutes, not eating, until she looked at me and asked if she could have a peanut butter and honey sandwich.

You have GOT to be fucking kidding me.

After her fit started and didn't wind down, both children were sent to their room and Mike and I had a nice and quiet 1/2 meal.  Until we invited Layla back.  The second half of the meal included threats and yelling from Mike about how hard mom worked on the meal and how said child needs to sit down, close her mouth, pick up her fork, and start eating.  And LIKE it.

Ah, good times.

Evie finally ate some dinner when I finished and held her on my lap.  Although mashed potatoes seemed to be the only thing that she was interested in.

I blew off some tension by going cross country skiing in our blizzard of heavenly flakes, and came home to finish de-stressing by shoveling for the first time in years.  Some call it shoveling, I call it avoiding the chaos that was barely being contained in the house.  But boy they look cute when I peek in the window for a second or two.

It's been 5 hours of shoveling now.  I might be ready to go back in the house.

Happy Thanksgiving.

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