Sunday, December 26, 2010


The whole point of us putting the girls in a Spanish speaking daycare was for them to learn the language.  But why is it that now that Layla's fluency and use of it works our last nerve?  Because it sounds pretentious, that's why.  She's like the little girl from the Parenthood movie who has no social skills, but speaks several languages.  She is constantly switching from English to Spanish and it drives us crazy.  The fact that we make regular eye contact to keep either of us from telling her to speak English is a sign that we are both reaching our limits.

We had a good Christmas.  The girls are both close enough to an age where they could have some fun with the new toys.  Although Layla could be found yelling "DADDY!  TURN YOUR NEW CLOCK THINGY TO NAUGHTY FOR EVIE" when her and her sister were fighting.

We've watched Frosty about a million times, and Karen is even more whiny than you remember and Frosty is kind of an asshole.  I'm ready to tear the tree down and vacuum up all the needles that the conifer that I massacred for Christ has left behind.  But they don't start taking trees for recycle until Tuesday, so I guess we're stuck with it for another day.  At least this year didn't put me on America's most wanted for cutting down an evergreen from some random Alaskan national park.  Hell, all the land up here with decent trees is a national park.  Besides, my sister in arms for such tasks isn't set to arrive until Wednesday.  We may have to create an eco-terrorist plot of some kind before her visit is up.

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