Wednesday, December 22, 2010

She's a genius!

Evie doesn't have a lot of recognizable words.  She's working hard on it, and is always asking what things are called, so I know she's trying to get this language thing down.  She'll get it, eventually.

But it appears that she may have more communication skills than we realized.

Last night at dinner she was doing a weird sort of repetitive motion with her hands.  It included her rubbing her hands together, using one hand to hit at nothing, and then a verbal "pow, pow" as she used one hand to slap her other hand.  Over and over.  All the time she was emphatically babbling and making intense eyes at me.  Confusing and bizarre.

Until Mike shared that while washing her hands for dinner, she wouldn't stop hitting him and he slapped her hand and told her no.  Well, now it all makes perfect sense, AND she's a tattler.

Makes me question what else she is "saying" that we haven't caught on to yet.  It also makes me a little nervous...

Layla on the other hand, has spent the last two days running around the house with her swimming goggles on.  Freaking brilliant.  Both of 'em.

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