Monday, February 21, 2011

City folk

The girls are very lucky to have parents as diverse as Mike and I.  Says me, who feels the need to remind herself of that every couple weeks or so, in a last ditch effort to show appreciation for the differences that fight their way through our existence day in and day out.  

WTF is that?

A couple of weeks ago we had a situation where the differences in our upbringing was anything but incidental.  

Mama, what's a baby cow called?

Well shit.  If that isn't an invitation to watch as many calves being born on YTube as humanly possible, I don't know what its.

So, together Layla and I sat watching video after video of calves being born.  Nature is a beautiful thing, no?  

"Daddy, I saw the mommy eat the placenta".  

Ahhhhhhhh!   Fuck you, Layla.  Why  you gotta let your daddy in on all of our little secrets?

I can't WAIT until you get your period.

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