Thursday, February 17, 2011

On, Wisconsin!

I don't really want to talk about my kids.  I don't particularly like either of them right now, and it's been a bitch of a week filled with 12 hour days of parent conferences.  Do I dare blog about parents, conferences, students, or anything school related?  Heh.  Hell, I need the insurance.

I'm from a pretty simple upbringing.  Not simple as in dumb country hick, but simple in our understanding of what was right and what was wrong.   What was worth fighting for, and what was worth letting go so as not to offend some idiot was stuck on an issue that was above their pay grade to comprehend.

And I'm from Wisconsin.


What images does it conjure up for most people?  Yeah, yeah, yeah.  Those of hairy, frozen, drunks in Lambeau Field.  And while my brother is out there, he is more multi-demensional than you may expect.

Which, surprise, surprise, brings me to politics.  Because while Wisconsin may bring to mind images of simple folk chewing cud, you fail to appreciate the depth of trailblazing that my peeps have done.  Wisconsin was a pivotal force in the abolitionist movement.  They were dumping milk in the 80's when it was anything but cool to do something like that.  And today, THIS day, they fight for unions.


Right and wrong.

The voice of the masses.

One of a handful of things that I remember my father being passionate about.

So?  So.

So.  Fuck you, Gov. Scott Walker.  You'd better ask somebody, cause Wisconsin isn't going to roll over for you.  We know the meaning of work.  Of family.  Of unity.  Of right and of wrong. 


  1. I am grateful for all everyone in Wisconsin is doing. It is just a matter of time before it will be someone else. I ordered a pizza to be sent to the protestors. I asked them to write on the box that it was from a FIB. Even those of us in Illinois have mad respect for Wisconsin this week.