Thursday, August 27, 2009

Japanese Game Show

I'm fairly certain that Layla is a contestant in a Japanese game show that is perpetually playing in her mind.

For whatever reason Layla started using the phrase "special big prize" when talking about reward toys that we would give her while we were potty training. Now special-big-prize, is used to refer to any kind of toy or treat.

"Mama, can we go to toy store to get yay-ya a special big prize"?
"I want a special big prize".
"I went potty on the toy-yet, can I have a special big prize"?

And on and on. As with most things kid related, it's cute the first two or three times she said it, now she just sounds like a lunatic. AND the fact that it's one of those things that she can say crystal clear ensures plenty of snickers and head turns while we're out.

Special big prize. Sheesh.

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