Tuesday, August 25, 2009

The Mama Pose

As I was driving home last night, Evie was in her carseat playing with her little maracca. She loves that little shaker, but it's a constant battle between the two of them.

You can bank it, that every time she plays with it, she is going to clunk herself in the head with it. So as I listen, I am rewarded with a *shake* *shake* *shake* *shake* *THUNK*.

And it's that clunk that THUNK that sends me into my mama pose. It's the involuntary reaction you have when you know your kid has jacked themselves and you are waiting to see if it's tear worthy. It's different for every mom. My mama pose happens to be shoulders raised to my ears, one eye closed in my squint, while my face falls into a grimace.

No tears? Excellent. You may be a tough kid. Stupid, cause you keep hitting yourself in the damn head with the thing. But tough. That toughness may keep your dumb ass alive.

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