Wednesday, August 19, 2009

No more lunch nursing sessions

Evie ate today at Elba's, not from me, and not from the bottle.

My brilliant, stubborn child took her milk with a spoon. And my patient daycare goddess gave it to her. Spoonful by little spoonful. And when I got there to nurse her, Evie was not hungry and wouldn't even nurse.

I no longer have to take my lunch breaks to go nurse her. Elba would like two bottles, please. Well, I think, you know, we have the language issue. She also informed me that Evie hasn't been crying the last two days like she had been, she is much happier.

And I was reminded, yet again, that I could no way pay this woman enough to compensate for the patience, guidance, and love that she shares daily with my children.

She's super duper Catholic (think bible on the entry table under the autographed picture of the Pope), so any of you that have it in with the G-Dog, could you please give her a shout out for me? Thanks, man.


  1. Which pope? If it is the current one hightail it out of there!


  2. Nope, it was the last guy. The cute old guy that was all hunched.

  3. I makes my heart happy that you have found such wonderful care for your girls while you can't be with them. You rock.