Thursday, September 17, 2009

Overactive imagination

Layla, man. This kid. This kid is going to kill me.

Her imagination is always going. It's the main reason why she is so afraid of everything right now. I have to hear about the statue and the hole that she saw on Scooby Doo at Elba's a few weeks ago and how scary it is. How that statue is going to come and get her.

When she is freaking out in her room she'll point to a trianglish grain marking in the wood and talk about the ice cream cone that watches over her.

Anyway, so exploring this fact has led us to the classic bullshit answer.

"Kids with overactive imaginations are highly intelligent".

I'm pretty sure that this is just something that parents tell themselves to cover the fact that their kid is weird and they're worried about them. Uh-huh. My kid is a bloody genius because she is terrified of her plastic gerber daisy one minute and screaming for me to get it for her the next.

The next Einstein, I tell ya.

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