Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Worry wart.

From the moment of conception of your first spawn, a parent's life is full of worry.

From worry that you won't carry to term, will toddlerhood ever end, through the unspeakable teen years, and not ending when they are grown, only adding another layer and complexity of the worry. An argument could be made that being a parent, in it of itself, is to have a mental illness. I'm pretty sure it would fit nicely in the DSM IV between anxiety disorders and obsessive compulsive disorders.

So in addition to all of the logistical nightmares of parenting, emotional roller coaster of feelings, and physical demands your children and their needs they place on you, you walk around in a fuzzy bubble of what ifs.

The simple fact that my daughter does not speak at daycare has already, in my mind, become a life full of social anxiety issues, self induced reclusion, and a sad and miserable existence. Only cause my kid chooses not to talk at daycare right now. That sucks.

And I would explore it deeper, but I need to go check on my kid to see if she is still breathing.

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  1. I have never worried as much as I have since becoming a parent. Seriously so much makes me freak out, its crazy.
    Hang in there with the speech thing. Hugs to you!