Thursday, October 29, 2009



I'm home. Mike is home. Tullah is home. The kids are not. And boy does it feel weird.

Today is day two of Mike and I being home sick. No, we don't have the hiney flu (I always read H1N1 as hiney when it's in the subject line of work emails, and it makes me giggle), just other crud. Anyway, the girls are both fine, so I took them to Elba's house so that we could sleep and wouldn't have to worry about them.

But I feel like I'm at work on a cold winter day and accidentally forgot to drop them at daycare and left them freezing in the car. You know, that feeling that borders on panic when you think that something is amiss? Well, I've got it. And had it for two days. Tomorrow will be the same. Not necessarily because I'll be sick (I'm hoping that I won't be) but because I have the day off but I'm still taking them to Elba's. Color me lucky.

It would SUCK if I am still sick tomorrow and can't go to a movie or something with Mike, who only has to work a half day. SUCK.


  1. soooo, if you are home.... where's my little photo project I sent you? sick, huh? with the hubby? oh, that kind of sick...

    hope you are feeling better *snicker*

    oh boy, I'll just stop now.

  2. Whoa, back off crazy internet lady.

    I have to admit that you're "little" photo project has turned out to be too difficult for me. I was able to get the red eye out of one of the shots, though. I'll send that to you if you want??? Otherwise maybe use one of those websites that provides the template and you just dump the 3 pictures onto a background and add shit. In other words. I failed. Sorry, Linds and B.

    Oh, and Mike had ideas, believe me, but I told him to try again when I'm not really sick.

  3. April, maybe I can help you figure out the Photoshop project, if you want.

    And WTF is it with guys thinking because we are in bed and no kids are there, it's a good time to fool around? Silly me to want to use the bed to rest when I'm tired or don't feel good.

  4. How 'bout I just nominate you to do Lindsay's "little" project? She'd really appreciate it...

  5. I was just "goofin" as Bennett says. No biggie, it was just a quick idea I came up with when you asked for photoshop homework. xo Lindsey

  6. But April, I wanted to help YOU learn how to do it ;) Notice *I* didn't volunteer for Photoshop projects...

    Linds, maybe. But seeing how I keep forgetting to drop something in the mail, I don't know that I should commit. I guess you could email it to me and I could see if there's a day when I don't have kids crawling over me and don't have a zillion other things to do. So maybe after Christmas ;) Unless it's really easy.

  7. I've got a handle on the actual photo editing, but she wanted a sequential design laying out the three pictures, kinda like we used to create on that online forum, I can't remember the name, with a catchy caption.

    And I would not even know where to begin with backgrounds and all that.

    That and the 7 years of jury duty that I have, and there will be no projects in my future for some time.