Friday, October 30, 2009

Rug burn.

One of the only drawbacks to co-sleeping is sex. When Evie was little and would spend some time in the actual co-sleeper attached to the bed, we could still make use of the bed. However, now that she is older and in bed, well, I'd rather not have my kid taken by children services. At least, not THAT kid.

Creative, I am not. But apparently Mike is Martha Steward when motivated by sex. Alright, not really, but he was able to set us up in the living room and make it relatively comfortable. But like our drunk college days, it frequently ends with carpet creases on various parts of our bodies, and unmistakable sex rug burns that hurt like a mother fucker. Heh, get it? Mother fucker?


Anyway, regular floor sex is the sport of young people with flexible muscles, no arthritis, and intact and working cartilage, none of which I can boast. But I'm not going to complain, cause I'm not giving Mike any in to suggest moving Evie out of our bed. So in the meantime, the floor it is.

And if you see me out limping, clearly you know why.

And may I take this opportunity to say hello to my mom and dad who have joined this regularly broad casted program, already in progress. Yeah, that's not awkward or anything.


  1. Thank you for the "welcome to my blog", Aj. I can see that it was a mistake for me to teach your father how to go to this site by himself. Before today, I was able to screen these with him sitting behind my right shoulder in the comfy rocker in the corner of the computer room. He would smile patiently until I got to the parts of how our beautiful granddaughters are doing and how smart they are, out-witting their Mama and Daddy in Alaska. I think I will lie to him saying that your blog site is down for the weekend. I love you. And, I love my creative son-in-law too! Mom

  2. umm ... hilarious. - ashley

  3. lmfao! That is why I love your mom. :) - Donna