Saturday, October 31, 2009

Wait, I get to dress like this AND they give me candy?

We just finished Layla's first Halloween as a thinking person and not just a big baby or tiny toddler. And frankly, it blew her mind.

First of all, she was stoked that she got to run around as her very own mr. polar bear. And I'm certain that she would have been beyond excited to just run around the zoo in her costume looking at the animals that she is on a first name basis with, we go so much.

And then the unthinkable happened.

I handed her the ghetto grocery store plastic bag that we were using for candy because I forgot to get something cool, and Mike told her what to do. And my little uncertain polar bear went up to zoo employee dressed in costume #1 and quietly and hesitantly spoke those magic words. "Trick or treat".

And in dropped her first ever treat. And she looked up at zoo employee #1 and I could have sworn that I saw a little tear of utter joy and gratitude spring in her eye. She then spent the next 20 yards trying to walk and keep up with us, all the while holding that plastic bag with one hand and trying to use her other little greedy hand to try and grab the candy.

Zoo employee #2 was greeted with "trick or treat" with some oomph and gusto to her voice, and after saying thank you, literally skipped to the next person. And on and on until we had made our rounds. It was, quite simply, one of the greatest days in the life of little Layla. And I'm certain that we will be asked for the next several months to go trick or treating. At least until Christmas can warp her and really take her over the edge.

And all the while, Evie sat bundled up in her skunk costume in the stroller and simply watched. She couldn't really turn her head, and the costume had the same effect that the snowsuit had on Ralphie's little brother. But she watched, and she smiled. And next year she'll hate her costume. And then Halloween #3 will come for her, and she will discovery the joys of wearing some ridiculous costume and people just giving her candy.

And it will blow her mind.

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