Sunday, November 1, 2009

Shop Victoriously!

Love, love, love Ebay. I mentioned in an earlier post that I'm a bit of a label snob.

AHHHHHH, I'm going to explode from the cuteness! Evie just started clapping to her daddy playing guitar. So. Freaking. Cute.

Okay, back to business. So I'm a label snob. I simply hate poor quality clothes, especially on my kids. I despise scratchy fabric and decals that peel off. But we both work for the school district, so we obviously don't make a ton of money. Now it USED to be that Alaskan teachers made a lot of money. Well, that's not the case anymore. At least in the majority of desirable locations to live. So for me, Ebay is the solution to that problem. Well, Ebay and thrift stores.

I've even gotten motivated to sell some stuff, too. I've actually come to discover that the little chill you get when you win an auction is the same as when you sell something for a good price. Plus it's like free money to turn around and spend on stuff. AND it can go through a Paypal account that you set up so your significant other never has to know what each item costs. Cause let's face it, those are simply annoying conversations.

As much as I like Once Upon a Child and other thrift stores, they tend to severally overcharge for certain brands, particularly Gap and Gymboree. It's nice to have Ebay because it keeps prices fair. I've had better luck finding brands like Hanna Andersson and Stride Rite for much less than I could used locally, even including the price of shipping.

So Ebay away, folks. Just stay away from the brand, sizes and styles that I like, or I'll have to cut you.

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