Monday, November 2, 2009

Again with the poop talk

I don't know, maybe Freud was onto something with the whole anal phase, cause Layla can talk nonstop about doo doo and her booty for what seems like forever. It was bad enough that this weekend the two of us were in the grocery store and she loudly announced that she had to go doo doo. When I asked quietly, "honey, do you have to go potty". She said, even louder, "No mama, I have to go DOO DOO"! And promptly grabbed her butt.

So this evening when I stood up and told Mike that I was going to go to the bathroom, I didn't think twice when Layla stated that she was coming with me to help me go potty. And I didn't bat an eye when she started jabbering about mama's doo doo and floaters. Wait, what? Floaters? Oh yeah, Mike has taught her all about floaters and she will now wave goodbye to her floaters and is sure to tell us all about if one floater remains after an inadequate flush.

Now, not only do I have a kid obsessed with the shitter, but she also holds a strong vocabulary on the subject, both technical and slang terms. I'm sure that skid marks are an upcoming topic, particularly given the consistency of her poops lately. Mama is so proud.

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