Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Little devil

Friday night Mike had to pick up Layla from Elba's. On the way home he asked her how her day was, and if she had fun at Elba's. She responded with "no, Elba is necio".

Now, neither Mike or I speak Spanish. We love our daycare provide. Adore her, really. But the fact is, the woman does not speak English. At all. I'm obviously not the type of parent who needs to know what my kid did every minute of every day, what they ate, and who they bit and when, because obviously this arrangement wouldn't work for me if I were. But there ARE times that having a common language would be helpful.

All weekend long, when probed, Layla stuck to her story that Elba was necio and it was said with an angry, pouty face. And all weekend long we tried to look it up online in one of the Spanish to English translator sites, but we couldn't find anything, not knowing how to spell it and all.

Finally, on Sunday, we were all in the living room. Mike was online and looked up to proclaim "aha, I found it. I found what necio means". At which point Layla got the mean face, loudly whined "NO", made a pushing away motion with her hand, and promptly left the room. And it all became clear as Mike read the definition: Fool, silly, dumb, that Layla chose to exit at that time because she knew that was her ass. And that little devil figured that since we don't speak the language, how would we ever know what she was saying.

Thank the gods we are still smarter than our 2 and a half year old. For a little while yet.

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