Thursday, November 12, 2009

I had sex with President Obama

And by "had sex with", I really mean saw him in person today.

And by "saw him in person", I really mean that I watched Air Force One land a few miles from my house.

It was AWESOME. And I am fully aware of how lame that sounds. And I don't care.

I sent Layla to daycare today. Thank you little baby jesus, because one of us would have ended up dead if she had been home all day with me and sick Evie. When I picked her up, we started walking to the car. And like always, the moment the door closed, she started jabbering away. What she didn't realize was that one of her friends was also getting into his truck in the driveway and she had just walked right by him talking away. And as she got to our car, Cohen poked his head around the car, smiled, and said "LAYLA! You talk! I just heard you talk!"

And Layla smiled. Cause I think she has a little crush.

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