Wednesday, November 4, 2009

We have liftoff

Evie is mobile. Granted, it's an odd backwards army crawl push thing, but she can now move with purpose and desire. And it sucks. Any non first time mom, or mom with a mobile child will tell you, mobility blows. When they can't get around, you always know that they are going to be exactly where you left them, minus the odd rolls here and there. There's a lot of security in that.

While I relish the milestone being met, and celebrate the developmental achievements that she is making, it is done with the image of fingers in light sockets, licking the toilet, stealth missions to snatch up the dropped goodies in the kitchen, and endless torture of the dog.

But have at it, little one. It's your world. Welcome to willful motion and danger lurking beyond every step/push. Say hello to the option of moving away from your mama and exploring beyond me. That is simply my greatest joy and worst nightmare rolled up in one fucked up bundle of emotions that seems to weave it's way into every single parenting issue of note.

So, have at it. Crawl away, little one. Just remember to come back to check in every once in a while, K?


  1. You said that so well. I might just have to link to this post on my blog. I'm getting used to the fact that this baby is way way ahead of the curve on mobility. I thought it was bad when his sister crawled early. But OMG. It was such bliss when he stayed where I put him for a couple of months.

    At least we've been through childproofing once before and know the bizarre things like pet food that are crawler magnets.

  2. Thanks, Anne. I've actually found that Layla is a super helper when it comes to watching out for danger. She is quick to pull crayons, small things, and plastic bags out of Evie's reach. She will even replace it with a toy. My job is nearly obsolete.

    Well, except for tying to PUT said plastic bag over Evie's head about 10 minutes later. I guess I'm still needed.

  3. Sounds a lot like the way my kids interact :)