Wednesday, December 2, 2009

ADD Girl

No big surprise. Layla is certainly ADD. Her father can't be in the house without physically pacing around the room unless he is so absorbed into an activity that you can't get his attention.

Bedtime. Story time. You know your kid has an issue when she has to be holding and reading her own book while you read her another book. And the kid is actually reading (reciting) and listening at the same time. Yeah, big red flag.

And a bit of unnerving. It's hard enough for me to read these same stories over, and over, and over, and over. But to read them while she is there reciting another story word for word at a different cadence is difficult at best. And when you finish the book your holding?


And she will do the same with book number two.

Maybe there is an institute somewhere that we can send her to for a few years until we work this shit out. Cause she irks me.

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  1. I actually read something recently about babies and kids being able to multitask much better than adults, which makes a ton of sense if you think about how they take everything in when they are learning. Still, annoying