Thursday, December 10, 2009

Jury Duty

Week two of jury duty, and what a sad, sad, sad, place.

I am painfully reminded every single day just how lucky I am that I have what I have. Not just a home, but loving husband, and two wonderful (and living, unhurt) children. It is beyond fucked up how much goes on in other people's lives. Shit that I can't even IMAGINE.

And when I say that I can't imagine it, that's saying something. My background is social work and I've worked in the domestic violence/child sexual abuse field, as well as homeless shelters. So it's not like I'm completely sheltered.

But let me tell you this. I am beyond angry at the shitty situations that people put their kids in. I get making bad choices for yourself, but when it comes to your kids, I judge. Harshly. So on my days of jury duty, I squeeze my kids a little tighter and work really hard at being the loving and patient wife.

But it's driving me to drink. But NOT drive while having been drinking. Cause man, lots of bad shit there. Like whoa.

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  1. I hope its not too hard on you. Seeing the child victims was why I had to switch jobs. I couldn't take seeing it day in and day out anymore and coming home to Mia.
    Hugs Mama!