Monday, December 7, 2009

Sexy time?

As our sex life circle gets smaller and smaller, one final blow to our already shriveled existence came delivered by the small hands of none other than Layla. Home wrecker extraordinaire.

There we were, set up in our only kid free zone on the hard floor, surrounded by pillows for my old and achey ass enjoying some time with my husband. But Layla had other plans. Through her door and down the hall we hear the growing crescendo of:

Mama, I have to go potty!
Mama, I have to go pot-teeee!
Mama, I have to go Doo Doo!
I need a hug and kiss, mama!
Old MacDonald had a farm!
I have to go doo doo!

Seriously, you little jerk, can you shut up for 2 minutes? Er, okay, longer than 2 minutes, but at this point I'd settle for whatever I can get.

She's gonna get a beating out of nowhere and she isn't going to even know why she's getting whupped. Honey, let's talk about "mama and daddy time".

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