Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Yesterday I took Layla to the dentist.  It was her first appointment ever, and this dentist is supposed to be so good that our waiting list to be seen by her was close to a year.  That's right, a year.  And even still, I didn't have high hopes going into the appointment.  I used to hate going to the dentist.  Used to, until I found one that will give you nitrous for everything.  Heck, I get sedated for cleanings, it's awesome!  It's my own little mini mommy vacation.

But I digress.  Given the recent trauma from the burn incident, I fully expected this to be an issue.  And yet again, Layla shocked me by doing great.  They didn't put her in the actual chair for the first visit, I held her facing me and we laid her back into the dentists lap for the exam.  She cooperated like a champ.  Her teeth are in good shape, but it turns out she's inherited Mike's fucked up teeth.  He wore braces for like 5 years.  Her baby teeth are crowded and have pushed her front teeth into a little V shape, and they said that crowded baby teeth usually means crowded permanent teeth.  Great. 

So now I have a kid whinning at me that "I wanna go to the dentist" AND "I wanna go to the doctor" in addition to wanting to go to daycare.  Maybe she's a masochist. 

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