Thursday, February 18, 2010


I've talked a bit about the fact that Mike and I are spiritual people, although not religious.  I do believe in something greater than myself, although the details of those beliefs are irrelevant to this post.

One of our goals as parents is to expose our kids to a wide range of beliefs and options out there.  It would be great that when they become an age where they can decide what direction they want to go, they will be doing so informed and educated on all options. 

We are not antireligious.  I don't bad mouth religion to my kids.  Layla has even gone to church with Mike's parents. 

I know, big set up.  So the other day we get a package in the mail for Layla from a relative.  And as Layla sat and opened the gift, Mike read her the card.  It talked about how this relative had heard about the burn and that she wanted Layla to know that she was in her prayers.  Totally fine.  Any prayers and positive thoughts are welcome.  And then the present was revealed.

A blanket with a big ass image of a little kid praying.  Like the image takes up the whole blanket.  Of course Layla loves it and wrapped herself up in it immediately.  And while I was struggling with feelings of anger and irritation (mostly due to my hitting the point of saturation for the amount of proselytizing that I can tolerate from this relative) Mike reminded me that we need to practice being gracious. 

So there I sat taking pictures of my kid drapped with this blanket with a creepy super white kid PRAYING so that I could include in the thank you that I was doing (yes, mailed today). 

Parenting sucks.  Being gracious sucks.  Bitching about it here, and a few other places, to get it off my chest?  Priceless.

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  1. ahh, that explains those pictures. I was wondering what was up with that!