Friday, February 19, 2010

Yay! Good job daddy!

Poor Mike.  He's been super sick for the last 18 hours with exploding ass and major puking.  Like, big time puking.  Loudly, and with passion.

So tonight after I spent a painful hour and a half with the girls at a restaurant with friends trying to keep them entertained so that he could have more quite time, entertained them when I got home, bathed them and got them dressed in pajamas, and finally got Mike out of bed to hang with Layla while I put Evie down, I needed a little lightening of the mood.

And man, did I get it.  While nursing/rocking Evie to sleep I hear Mike run back to the bathroom to start puking.  And within seconds, I hear the pitter patter of little feet running in after him, followed by:

"YAY! Good job, daddy!".  As she cheered him on while he puked his guts out.  Obviously impressed with the fact that he too, could hit the target while "putting sick in the toilet".

The fact that she had just informed me shortly before that "daddy needed a break" when I told her that he was in back napping only added to the funny of the situation.

This kid is a riot.  A razor sharp riot.

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