Sunday, March 21, 2010

Bloody hell

Well, we are certainly doing our part to make our pediatrician's Sunday hours worth while.  Layla started screaming when she peed again.  We had finished our antibiotics a week ago from the UTI that she had.  Obviously it didn't knock it out.

Fortunately we were able to get in to see the ped today, even though I was pissed that I even had to bring her in again.  The kid knows the way to the office now and is still excited when we pull into the parking lot.  Amazingly, someone has still not come up with a way to collect urine from a toddler without trying to make them pee in a tiny cup, so I had to coax her to pee when I knew that it would hurt.  And it did.  And she screamed.  And then she REALLY screamed when the doctor tried to open her legs so that she could get a peek at her vagina to see if there was anything else going on.  If it wasn't so traumatic and disturbing for me to listen to my daughter scream like that, under those conditions, it would have been funny watching this little woman try and pry her knees open while breaking a sweat and muttering under her breath about how strong Layla's legs are.

New and different antibiotic was called in and I took her home.  It's obvious that she now knows that going to the bathroom is going to hurt, so she's started holding it.  Finally, when she could hold it no more, she ran into the bathroom with me right behind her.  As soon as she started to pee, she jumped off the toilet and started screaming bloody murder.  She was screaming, crying, trying with all her might to cross her legs as tightly as she could, when she lost the fight.  She started peeing all over the rug, then screaming even more, and finally started shitting all over herself.  My poor kid sat there screaming and going to the bathroom everywhere while I stood close by encouraging her to keep going because I knew if she stopped, we'd have to go through it again in a couple of hours anyway.

She's fine between trips to the bathroom, but man it's tough trying to get her to go.  I heard her screaming like she was being stabbed while I was putting Evie down, so I knew that Mike had made her go to the bathroom again.  Right now she is grabbing at her butt, but refuses to try and sit on the toilet.  We're going to have an accident in bed tonight, for sure.  I just hope that she sleeps through the pain, it's heartbreaking to hear her hurt so much.

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