Saturday, April 17, 2010

Birthday Party

It's been a long day.  I got the girls out of the house so that Mike could watch the Bulls game in peace.  We went to the chiropractor (just Layla got adjusted, not Evie this time) and then to Target.  As we were driving home from Target, she asked if we were going to Fiora's birthday party.  When I told her that we were going home so that she could nap and that we would go after her nap, she got real quiet.  I didn't think much of it, as most parents don't look the gift of quiet in the mouth if you know your kid isn't drowning or tearing shit up.  After a couple of minutes she said:

"Huh.  Mama?  I just felled asleep.  Can we go to Fiora's birthday party now?"

Scammer.  After her real nap, we did make it over to the party and it went okay.  The first hour they both kinda spent it plastered to my side.  The second hour found Evie grazing from people's plates that she was begging food from and Layla playing quietly in Fiora's bedroom because the kids were all now out in the porch and she could be by herself.  And finally, the last hour, she played with the other kids.  It took doing the birthday cake and song for her to get connected with them and then join them back in the playroom to play, but she did.  She even went, when prompted, over to Fiora and thanked her and wished her a happy birthday.  And then thanked the host.  

Good girl.  You awkward little shit.

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