Monday, April 19, 2010

Nursing in public? The nerve.

This was born out of discussion that I was having with other mothers.  You're getting the cut and paste version because I'm lazy.  Basically the gist was why can't women who are nursing in public understand that other people don't want to see their boobs and respect that.

Yep, that's it, exactly.  I do feel like I'm being respectful of your feelings.
I feel it to the bottom of my soul when I get that little pang of shame when I'm getting ready to nurse my kid.
I get it when I feel some anxiety when people walk by because I don't want them to feel uncomfortable.
I get it when I worry that it may cause an ill prepared parent to have to address breastfeeding with their child when they may not otherwise want to.
I get it when I see someones asshole pucker because they have their own underlying issues with breasts and breastfeeding, and perhaps their own history of sexual abuse.
I get it when I spent countless hours practicing at home and in front of mirrors so that I could minimize YOUR comfort level when the time came that I had to nurse in public.
I GET IT.  But I simply ask that you show me the same respect by understanding what it takes to sit amidst an often hostile environment to feed my kid.  I don't need your tips and quick brilliant ideas on how I can cover myself to make you more comfortable.  Like I haven't already fucking thought to try that.

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  1. I love that whole, "Oh, you could cover up thing." My son will have none of that shit now -- he pulls the blankets off and cries if I try to hold it up. All I can do is pull my t-shirt over the boob as much as I feel the need and avoid looking anyone in the eye.

    That said, I wore a halter dress to a wedding this weekend, and all three D's of one boob was out on a balcony -- there was no better way to do it. The only person who said anything was a woman who smiled as I was reentered the reception area and said, "He doesn't have to wait in line to eat!" She seems totally nonplussed by the whole thing.