Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How to model healthy lifestyle

The weather is getting nicer and it makes it more difficult to leave the girls behind while I go for a walk.  You know, fresh air and all.

But Evie is not the infant slug that she was last summer when we would do our long walks.  The time or two that I took them both on a walk together recently, the entire time was spent with Evie trying to hit Layla and Layla retaliating.  Solution?  Good snacks, of course.

On our walk today my two kids sat comfy as all get out in the chariot munching on Cheetos Puffs.  Brilliant, huh?  What mama says is look at me exercising and making a good choice.  What mama does is stuff them with Cheetos to get them to sit still long enough for me to do it.

And to make it worse, Evie eats like a refuge.  She sucks on one puff, slowly using her lips to move it in as it slowly dissolves with her saliva, and needs another clenched in EACH hand.  She looks like a moron and literally starts beating on Layla the second she has an empty hand until she's given another one.

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