Saturday, April 10, 2010

Non date-Date Night

There are moments that I wish that we had family in town who we could pawn our kids off on.  Like today, as I stood in line to purchase my single ticket to the movie Date Night at 11:55 am so that we could fit it in between Mike's errands and the girls' nap time.

So, off to the movies I went.  Alone.  And STILL couldn't get a good seat.  But the movie was funny.  However, it would have been funnier if I would have had Mike with me. Now, I don't mind going to the movies alone, but there is something sad and pathetic about watching  a couples movie alone.  And then waiting with baited breath until he can go see it himself so that we can reminisce about the funny parts and pretend like it was an experience that we shared together.

We did, however, spend some together time at his "gig" tonight.  While juggling a sick and teething baby and a toddler who only wanted to play the drum, and trying to appreciate the sexy of my husband who was working his new guitar and looking extra fine doing it, we all co-existed in the same room for several hours.  And Layla developed a love for the hand drum.  Which is now residing in our living room for her to stumble on with joy and excitement tomorrow morning during daddies early morning wake up call.

Play quietly, my child.  Play quietly.

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