Thursday, May 13, 2010

Go to sleep

Layla.  And Evie.  GO TO SLEEP.  It's late.  Yes, the damn sun is still shinning.  Get used to it already, it's not like it happened overnight.  But this whole two hour battle to get you both asleep is growing very old.  

I would like to have sex with your father.  I would like to have some awake time and not have to listen to you play with the toys you shouldn't be playing with, Layla.  Or listen to you motor boat your lips and laugh hysterically at your sister who is simply trying to get you into trouble, Evie.

Please. Just. Stop.  I am not to the point where I'm willing to beg the sun to find it's dim switch, but it's a little frightening that we have a L-O-N-G time left until solstice, which means a shitoad of more sun.  

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