Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I hate this doctor

We had Layla's follow up appointment with the urologist today.  3 weeks.  3 weeks I had to wait to hear the results of her ultrasound.  And then the asshole had the nerve to walk in and say "I have good news.  Actually two good newses.  Her ultrasound is clear and her culture looks good."

"Wow, you got her culture results from the urine we just gave already?"

"No, no.  This is from the the last sample we took at your last visit".

You're telling me that he held information that I know he had for at least two weeks when he could have easily called to relay the clear results?  Then he proceeded to throw out a long list of big words and looked at me like an idiot for not understanding what he was saying.  I wouldn't say that I'm exceptionally bright, but I'm also not stupid.  And I couldn't understand a god damn word this man was saying to me.

Not only was he using huge words, he was jumping from issue to issue and I couldn't even track what he was saying to me.  What I *think* I got out of it is that she seems to be fine.  She had labia adhesions that the estrogen cream was prescribed for.  See, I know that NOW, but I was using this cream with her for 3 weeks thinking it was to provide lubrication to keep the vaginal opening clear of gunk.  Nope, he was trying to soften up the tissue so that the labia would separate some.  He is also thinking that she may suffer from some reflux issue after she pees so that a little urine goes up into her urethra and swims around in there until she pees again.  Both of these issues are things that she should grow out of.  But then he proceeded to throw out a bunch of possibilities that we should do if she ends up getting itchy again.  I still don't really understand what kind of plan we left with, other than to come back as needed.  I feel stupid and confused and I want her pediatrician to translate everything this jackass just said to me.

Then I got home and discovered that during bath time, Layla has apparently developed little breast buds.  Fucking great.  My 3 year old has tits.  What could be worse?  Oh yeah, the fact that I COULD HAVE BEEN TOLD THAT THIS IS GOING TO HAPPEN WHEN THE SHITTY CREAM WAS PRESCRIBED TO ME.  And I'm a miserable mom for not completely understanding what could happen or look beyond the tip of my nose to explore what and why we were using this stuff on my kid.

Apparently though, I have the mom look nailed.  I threw one at Layla the other day and she came back at me with "Don't YELL at me with that face".


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