Saturday, June 26, 2010

Date night

Mike and I went out on a date tonight.  Our friend Larry brought his two kids over and watched the girls.  He's sat for us before, and it's a sweet deal.  We simply need to buy him pizza, which also ends up feeding the kids, so two birds, one stone.  What a stupid saying.  Kill two birds with one stone.  Why not kill countless birds on my living room window?  That makes more sense and is far more likely that birds will continue to try and commit birdie suicide on our windows than it is for people to be out chucking stones at birds.

Well, maybe in Kentucky.

Anyway, date night.  We went and saw the Karate Kid.  I LOVED it.  Not enough to clap at the end of it, which several people felt the need to do, but it was good.  We've determined that the only excuse to applaud after a movie is if you're a toddler or you're mentally challenged.  That's it.  Under no other circumstances should one feel it appropriate to give a screen a round of applause.

That was the extent of our date, but it was fun.

Came home and realized that we had kept Evie up too late.  You know you've missed bedtime when your little one starts pointing at the pacifier on the counter saying "this?" and starting/stopping to make sure that you're following her.  Then proceeds to do the same while pointing back to her bedroom.

I made a Craigslist slam dunk today.  Within 18 hours of posting two strollers and a glider/ottoman, I had them sold and gone!  I sold low and I'm sure made somebodies wet dream, but karma came back to me when I checked the bike section one last time before going to purchase a new bike trailer/stroller for the girls.  I scored a HUGE deal on a top of the line luxury stroller/jogger/bike trailer.  The girls will be living large in that.

Except I still need to buy the bike.

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