Saturday, June 26, 2010


10:43.  It's 10:43 at night and I'm sitting up with this stupid computer letting Layla watch The Family Guy until she falls asleep.  Let's just say that with all of the turmoil, it's been a week of compromising parenting standards.  Sesame Street on a 30 minute timer has turned into Family Guy until the child has fallen asleep. Ever wonder what kind of a single parent you'd be?  Take an 11 day vacation sans your partner and see what you resort to in order to keep your sanity AND your children alive.

Traveling with children is never a good idea.  Let me go ahead and say that again.  Traveling with children is NEVER a good idea.  Go into it expecting the worst, hoping for the best, but knowing that the worst is gonna happen.  In all fairness, the girls were decent on the flight, just really, really, awake.  Layla slept for about 30 minutes and Evie for about 2 hours.

After arriving in the U.S., we got some sleep at my sister's house.  The next day, we drove to Wisconsin.  It took DAYS for Evie to let go of me.  And when I say let go of me, she would not let me put her down for D-A-Y-S.  And I was hating her.  Layla, on the other hand, apparently had a personality change on the plane.  She was not just good, but the bomb diggity of all that was toddler.  She had a blast with her cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents.  She was well behaved and was super interactive.

We had a handful of days with my in laws and they went to church with them.  Where, upon entering, Layla decided to inform her Granny that she had a vagina.  And during the service announced that she had to doo doo.  That's my girl.  She had, earlier that week, told her 4 year old cousin that papa had a penis.

I had obviously started this post some time ago, with the intent to keep the blog up during my travels, but that turned out to be impossible.  We are home and getting back into our routine.  The girls ended up doing really well, overall.  It was another long trip home, but we made it.

That just may be the last time that we travel for a few years.

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