Tuesday, June 8, 2010

I wish I had something to say

As I sit here, trying to pull my thoughts together enough to make a decent entry, all that is running through my head is

Nystatin,camera,shoes,swimsuits,lotion, hairproducts,snacks,sippiecups,puzzle,computer,scoobymovies, phoneplug,cables,Mr.polarbear,and a host of other crap that I'm carting 3,000 miles.

I remember the first time that I flew to Alaska.  Or back from, I don't remember which.  There was a young hippie mom with her infant.  And the baby was inconsolable.  And that little zen mama tried her best to keep her shit together and finally after pacing over 100 miles up and down the isle, someone stepped in to help.  And that little baby was passed from person to person and entertained and gave that frazzled mom a much needed break.

But that was an infant.  And that was back in the day when Alaska Air served complimentary champagne on their flights and blankets and pillows were provided.  And like I said, the kid was a cute and snuggly infant.  And not two screaming toddlers.  I've already moved our seats back to the last row reserved for "those" families in the hopes that the airline won't be so cruel as to sit a real person in the same row as us, thus requiring me to actually keep Evie on my lap the whole flight.

6 hours.  Just a blink of an eye in the grand scheme of things, right?  R I G H T.  I wish I had a fast forward button and jump ahead about 36 hours.

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