Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Tank you, mama

Tank you, mama, for taking me to the swimming pool.
Tank you, mama, for taking me to ride the ponies.
Tank you, mama, for (fill in the blank).

I don't know what angle this little one is working, but she seems to be aware of my need to have respectful children.  I find myself being "tanked" for random things that I've done with Layla over the last 6 months.  It may be that she is strategizing and working an angle that she feels may be fruitful.

And she may be right.  I love me a good random and unprompted thank you.   She may be overdoing it with the whole 'stroking of the cheek thing' while she says each of her tanks, but I appreciated the effort, none the less.

So, basically, I'm being worked by a 3 year old.  And I'm allowing it to happen because she's doing it with manners and humility.  And god damn, if I ain't proud of her little ass.  If I find her carving her name in the trunk of my car and still pulling this shit, it's game off.  But right now, she has me around her little awkward finger.

But guess what, kid?  You're about to meet your entire extended family who won't be moved by your games.  Go ahead, try this pouty face bullshit on your uncle Bruce.  I was the master and he still tried to drown my ass in turtle pond when I was too small to properly rat on him.  Or work that angle with your aunt Vikki.  For real, give it a shot.  And watch your mama giggling in the background.

You got game, but you don't have it all figured out just yet.  Welcome to the world of extended family, baby girl.  It's go time.

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  1. April, I seriously cannot WAIT to hear what happens on your trip!!