Sunday, July 18, 2010

No more crib

My last baby is no longer a baby.  She's a big girl.  And she no longer has a crib.  Well, a 4 sided crib.  While Mike had the girls out at the bouncy gym, I pulled the front off of it like we did with Layla.

I now have two free range toddlers sharing a room.  Let the chaos commence.

I'm listening to them right now, back there laughing and giggling with each other.  I have no idea if they're in bed.  Or whose bed.  And I don't really care.  Our goal is that they work out the newness of the situation in the next 3 weeks before we go back to work.

I also changed the batteries on her music thing that has been dead for a few weeks and the sheets that hadn't been changed in close to 6 weeks.  I'm all over this parenting thing.

Gotta go, Evie is knocking on the door.

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