Friday, August 27, 2010

Thanks Sesame Street

"Quick, I need a tissue to take this bug outside.  This is NOT it's habitat".

Said the 3 year old this morning.

I'm convinced that if left to their own devices, a child could learn everything they need to know for life and more from Sesame Street and Dora.

And maybe a splash of South Park.


  1. My kids have learned so much from Sesame Street. Seriously. We do talk about the concepts on there, which I think is supposed to be critical to them really learning from educational TV...reinforcing rather than just watching. Dinosaur Train is another one that has her talking about things. I would have never thought I'd discuss herbivore vs. carnivore and what makes something a mammal with a 3.5 yr old.

  2. OMG, we do the SAME thing! Thank god I'm not the only one. They seem to be doing a shit job of explaining extinct, since she still wants to be an Allosaurus for Halloween.