Thursday, September 23, 2010

Fall Equinox

It's officially fall.  And I'm not ready.  The last couple of days have been gorgeous and we're making the most of it.  Last night Evie was sick.  She had puked at daycare and was very lethargic, so I left her with Mike and Layla and I went for a good, long bike ride.  Tonight I took both girls and fed them absolute shit for dinner.

I did cut up an avocado and apple and throw it on the plate with the fries and nuggets, though.  That has to count for something.

I actually like fall.  Not as much as I did while growing up in Wisconsin, but I love the smell of it.  I'm just finding myself less ready for snow and winter this year than I would like.  You don't live up here if you can't stomach snow in general, and that's usually not the case for me.  But I'm simply not ready this year.  The dark days are coming and I'm catching just the very beginning of the sunrise over the mountains as I drive to work.  Soon it will be 2nd or 3rd period at school before it's light out.

Oh for crying out loud.  I had a whole post on this bullshit, but Layla just dropped my ring in the toilet and ruined my flow.

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