Monday, September 20, 2010

Mama doesn't gotta vacuum anymore

Layla isn't afraid of the vacuum anymore.  Damn, damn, damn.  The peace and alone time that I used to be guaranteed while using the weapon of terror in my child's eyes exists no more.  What's worse, is that she actually wants to help me vacuum now.  Which means that means that now that chore is doubled in difficulty by having a 35 pound child hang off me and/or the vacuum while doing it.  AND Evie shows no signs of hating the vacuum.

I've moved onto my next phase of attempting to have some semi productive alone time as winter closes in.  I've purchased an elliptical machine off craigslist to cram into our already close quarters.  I'm hoping to instill some fear of this machine into both girls, even if it means baby sealing their asses and clubbing them upside some expendable body part so that they keep their distance while I exercise and watch Ghost Hunters.  My first night on the machine left the dog curled up in the corner in tears as she realized that this left absolutely zero personal benefit from braving the elements to exercise her.  Poor dog.

OH OH OH!  I forgot!  I also ordered both Halloween costumes today.  Layla will be an Allosoraus (okay, a Trex that we're telling her is an Allosoraus) and Evie will be a Triceratops.  We've avoided princesses and other anxiety inducing bullshit for me.  For at least one more year.


  1. So, are you changing the title of the blog to ""?

  2. Quick, trademark that before swiper swipes it!