Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I'm laughing at you cause you're crazy

It's been a pretty aggressive week around here.  The girls aren't getting along too well and Evie is teething.


It will be a happy day for me when the last of those bastards comes in.  She seems to be cutting the four pointy ones (yeah, that's the technical term) all at once.  Which of course triggers the runny nose, runny shits, and runaway emotions.  Teething must be like PMS and periods are for women.

Anyway, time outs have been used generously around here on both offenders.  I looked over tonight to see Evie crouched in a duck and cover position with her arms protecting her head while Layla was clubbing her upside the head.  Evie is a chronic hair puller and likes to sneak up on Layla in stealth mode and slap the shit out of her.  And then laugh.  So time outs it is.  Evie stands and sobs the entire time, but has gotten to be a pro and will stay where she is placed, for the most part.

The other night I was sitting at the table with Layla and I felt her eyes on me.  Then she started giggling. When I looked over at her and gave her the what? shrug, she informed me that "I'm laughing at you cause you're CRAZY".

Yeah, I wasn't until you came along.  What's that say about you?


  1. Hey, April. Um, hello? You were crazy L-O-N-G before Layla! :)

  2. Yep. And you've been my friend. What's that say about YOU?

    I think I was even in your wedding.

    You're hopeless.

  3. Heh. My word verification for that post was Loffsk. What the hell is a Loffsk?

  4. I have to agree with your friend Kersten! I knew you a few years before the girls and you were crazy then too!!! :P