Saturday, September 4, 2010

LONG week

Damn, it's been a long week.

Transitioning back to work is always tough, but last week was brutal.  I had open house one night, and meetings up the ass the rest of the week.  Just an all around long one.

But the girls are doing great.  Good lord, to see the difference in Layla between last year and this year has been amazing.  She is freely playing with the other kids, even leading some of the activities and speaking to Elba.  Evie runs into Elba's arms every morning and gives her the power hugs that she is an expert at.

And in the midst of all of this chaos, Evie continues to blow my mind by running back to her bed when I ask her if she's ready to go to sleep.  Has easily given up the pacifier, even though it breaks my heart that she is such a big girl that she doesn't need it anymore.  I should be proud, right?  I guess I am, but I'm sad.  Jesus, parenting is such a balance between pushing your kids to spread their wings and trying your best to not kick them in the head to keep them grounded for your own selfish reasons.

Mike has become an even stronger partner by helping even more in the mornings with the girls.  The start of my days are so much smoother when I don't battle both kids and the strong urge to kick him in the balls while he irons his shirt while I wrangle the kids into their clothes.  Because now he does it at night and is 'in the moment' with me every single moment.

Evie kills more and more brain cells every day by face planting on every conceivable surface.  She could have been fucking Einstein.  We're already down to Bohr, and she's not even 2.  By the time she reaches adulthood, I'll be lucky if she could carry a conversation with Lennie from Of Mice and Men.  Or the guy from Slingblade.  Stupid and clumsy.  Or stupid because she's clumsy?  Either way, her fate isn't looking so hot.

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